Thursday, September 26, 2013

2013 Affiliated Distributors Convention

Travis Horton in attendance at the 2013 AD NAM Convention held in Dallas, Texas

Monday, August 20, 2012

XEBEC 2012 National Sales Meeting

On August 16 - 17, representatives for XEBEC gathered together in Mount Vernon, Ohio at The Factory Link headquarters for the 2012 National Sales Meeting to discuss product information, strategy and progress. Attendees included reps from Access Sales, Scott Sales CompanyFactoryLinkGaudian SalesMaitland Sales, Professional Tech, R&R Associates, Bullock Tooling & Accessories, & Ron Wallace and Associates. Also in attendance, XEBEC President Nori Sumiyoshi, Deburring Technologies President Steve Short, Executive Vice President Mark Hauberg & Vice President of Sales Travis Horton. 

Below are some photos from the two day event. Enjoy!

Nori Sumiyoshi & Steve Short

Mark Hauberg, Nori Sumiyoshi, Steve Short

Nori Sumiyoshi & Steve Short

Nori Sumiyoshi & Steve Short

Travis Horton

Mark Hauberg, Steve Short, Nori Sumiyoshi

Mark Hauberg & Chris Miller XEBEC Marketing

XEBEC Product Training

Access Sales - Brian Heil

Scott Sales Company - Eric Scott

FactoryLink Sales Team - From left Brian Glowe, Jim Jackson, Mike Kennedy, Mike Myers, Mark Hauberg, Scott Musgrave, Dan Riffey, Bill Meranda

Gaudian Sales - From left: Steve Seiwart, Ron Prohl. Joe Bialek, Nick Simon 

Maitland Sales - Dave Maitland

Professional Tech - Chris Hand, Scott Cottrell, Ron Lansing

R&R Associates - Bob Filderman, Ron Filderman, Bob Keeley, Frank Markovich

Bullock Tooling & Accessories - Rick Bullock

Ron Wallace & Associates - Back Row: Rob Wallace, Ron Wallace, Chris Roberts
Front Row: Tom Millenbaugh, Jack Callahan

Steve Short, Mark Hauberg, Nori Sumiyoshi, Travis Horton

Thursday, April 19, 2012

NEW Website Launch

XEBEC Deburring Technologies has launched a brand NEW website today. Check it out!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Products Finishing Magazine

XEBEC Deburring Technologies was recently featured in Products Finishing Magazine (Gardner Publication) We are proud to be apart of such an elite publication. Below is the article that was featured on page 48 of the March 2012 edition.

Thank You for Visiting Us at Westec!